Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hi-Ho... Hi-Ho... a quilting I will go!

Hi friends! I'm sorry it's been a couple of weeks since last update. I've been keeping myself real busy since my home nurse signed off, and my foot is officially healing so well now that the wound is closed, I don't need home care. I have the wound specialist coming, for the (maybe) last time just to make sure everything is still good.
So, what was I up to last time we chatted? Oh right, I had finished both my girls quilt tops. I ordered the backing fabric for both of them. It should be in this week some time. Hopefully next pay I can afford the batting.
At the same place I ordered my first 'kit' to make my best friend of 35 yrs a quilt. this is the pattern and the fabric I chose (with her approval) The only difference is I chose not to have black sashing, and opted to use the darkest color in the fabric palette shown. I think I will look around for some type of embroidered butterflies I can add for a special touch
March 27th Quilt top complete! 

I'm ordering this panel, and will use three of the squares to dress up the back :) 

I certainly wasn't planning on spending anymore money, but I needed thread so went online to Fabricville. I ordered most of my fleece and flannel there when making stuffies. At that time they didn't offer much in the way of Quilting cotton, and what they did have then was very pricey.
I asked my sister what colors she would want a quilt made with, so I could keep my eyes open for something on sale at some point. Guess what store is stocking a very nice selection of cotton now online? I bought this fabric at $6.99 yd (Canadian dollar) Not too bad, when the average cost in Canada right now is $13.99 yd and up.

I had my sister choose a block pattern she liked out of a few I had found.She picked this Solstice Star. They all seemed to be something I could pull off......and below are the 1st 3 blocks! I'm super stoked and I think there will even be enough to make another quilt top using the same fabrics for her 16 yr old daughter.One of my new quilting buddies sent me a pattern that might be perfect! I do love the online quilting community. For the most part, made up of women with hearts as warm and big as the beautiful quilts they make. 
That reminds me, I still have my very own quilt to look forward to. My secret quilting buddy is gifting me it all precut as a kit for me. I feel so totally blessed.

It is time for me to lay my head on my pillow and dream of quilts, quilts, and more quilts ♥

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