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In the beginning.....

This is how it all began. Christmas time 2014 I was a little short of cash so had to be creative. I remembered a pattern that was given me a long time ago. I took my mom's faux fur coat that was hanging in my closet for a number of  years, and made bunnies for my girls and grand.
All the rest were 2nd hand shop finds or donated by members of my family. I realized after I made all of these, my hands would never last making fur animals on a regular basis. I also learned there is some beautiful fabric out there.

The bears came next and have been very well-received 
At the top of page under the header are pics of two bears, Beary White and Flower... ready to go.

Last but not least are my DoDo Birds and Owl pillow
(the pillow is my first attempt)

Stay tuned....


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