Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taking a New Path

As you can see, things have changed around here. I am going to keep making stuffies, just not advertising the fact. If someone wants a stuffie made, please just ask and we'll work out the details. Up until now I have tried several different things since my physical being has kept me pretty much confined to home. All of these things have ended up costing me more than I bring in, and I simply can't afford to do that anymore. It gets pretty depressing after awhile as you can well imagine.
For this reason I have decided to try something just for me. I am going to learn to quilt, and ultimately be able to make each of my kids a beautiful quilt to remind them how much they mean to me. How much I truly love each of them long after I am gone.
I will post regularly as I learn. I'll post pics of my progress, even my failures, as I'm sure there will be a few mistakes along the way. I wish each and everyone of you good health and much happiness in 2016. Let's make this year the year of making dreams come true and finding true happiness within ourselves.

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