Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Santa Claus came to town!

Is it Christmas again? I've been so lucky of late. well, unlucky my sewing machine decided to break... BUT sew lucky my bro-in-law, saw my post on facebook about it and went out and bought me this!
Can you believe it?!! It runs like a dream. and it's a Kenmore, they are built to last! I never met the man until he came to the door with my sister in tow. I haven't seen my sister since my Mom passed away 7 years ago! If it wasn't for connecting on facebook it never would've happened. Feeling very blessed. 
As if that wasn't enough,. the very next day, the mail lady brought me my box of fabirc, gifted me by a very special lady I met on facebook too!
The quilts with the fabric are the designs my girl's chose. The fabric, Cheryl asked me a few questions and she was off!!  She nailed it! Both quilts match the personalities of my girls perfectly, 

My eldest daughter, Elle's fabric and design choice.

My youngest, Laura's fabric and design choice

This evening I cut the strips for Laura's sashing, and will continue cutting everything I can before using my machine. The nurse doesn't want me sitting at the machine at all! This is almost 5 months it's taken so far. and my foot still isn't healed. It's almost there, but it just doesn't want to close. So, my nurse is requesting an higher-up to come and scrape the sides inside the wound to get rid of the dead skin. Maybe then it will finally heal. Fingers crossed and will gladly accept any prayers you might want to send my way. 
Cya soon!

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